Procurement consulting

Our Procurement Consulting services are designed to generate value from optimising the way that organisations manage their relationships with external suppliers of materials and services. This includes analysis of existing practices and processes, development of strategies to reduce costs in selected categories, implementation of programmes to realise benefits identified (including engaging and negotiating with suppliers) and development of improved internal structures and processes to sustain the cost reductions achieved.

Procurement Diagnostic
A detailed review across all external spends and Procurement processes to identify total cost reduction opportunities and the necessary operational improvements to deliver and sustain them. Utilising best practice benchmarks in all aspects of Procurement organisation, processes, systems, skills, methodologies and category specific strategies to develop a road map for Procurement success with a focus on quick wins to make the transformation self-funding.

Programme Development
Working with the Procurement leaders in an organisation, helping prioritise the improvement activities, and develop a programme with rigorous management governance, tracking and reporting. Supporting the programme office to maintain programme momentum and overcome barriers to success, leaving behind the programme management skills with the client personnel.

Sustainable Procurement
Incorporating sustainability into all aspects of Procurement activities, including supplier auditing and selection, total lifecycle cost analysis, demand management and waste reduction, using global best practice benchmarking and proven sustainability indexing across all category types.