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Business Process Management

High Performance through SMH Concept Business Process Management

Economic volatility, increasing globalization, rising complexity and growing interconnectivity have forced businesses to make major changes to their operations in recent years.


Strategy & Management Consulting

A combination of intensified globalization brought on by recent turbulence in the global economy and the acceleration of new information technologies is driving companies to look for new business models to meet increased demands for efficiency, competitiveness, short-term agility and long-term growth.

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Supply Chain Management

SMH Concept works with its clients to develop and implement comprehensive strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their Supply Chains. We assist clients to drive value from their supply chains.

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Procurement consulting

Our Procurement Consulting services are designed to generate value from optimising the way that organisations manage their relationships with external suppliers of materials and services.

This includes analysis of existing practices and processes, development of strategies to reduce costs in selected categories, implementation of programmes to realise benefits identified – including engaging and negotiating with suppliers – and development of improved internal structures and processes to sustain the cost reductions achieved.


IT Outsourcing

SMH Concept IT outsourcing division keeps your businesses IT operations running day-to-day.

We personalize the IT experience for each of our clients to ensure they understand the benefits as well as the potential drawbacks of outsourcing their IT services. Our customer focus and customized approach allow us to tailor our services to supplement your existing IT resources or assume the role of your IT department.


New market entry strategy

Identifying and pursuing new markets requires you to explore and play outside your traditional business boundaries.

It calls for learning and decision-making about how to address new competitors, consumers, customers, partners, suppliers and other market dynamics – at high speed, and in unfamiliar territory.