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IT hardware and software sale

Choosing IT hardware that suits your actual needs is not always easy. Despite the various brands and models available on the market, conveying our usage of machines into a precise configuration is not always as straightforward as it seems.

This is the reason why, before all purchases, SMH Concept helps you, free of charge, to define the best type of hardware for your use within your budget.

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Whichever the use (home or professional) for your hardware, IT dependency is real for many of us, computers and information technology taking an ever-increasing room in our private and professional lives.

Nothing is more frustrating than being confronted by an apparently unsolvable IT issue. That is why you should be able to rely on experts capable of helping you quickly regardless of your type of issue



Maintaining your computer not only increases its life cycle but also ensures it keeps performing properly.

Without a regular and effective maintenance, the basic use of a computer may, as time goes by, alter its performances: slow operating system start-up, application opening or then again disk space availability reduction.

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Backing-up and restoring

Whatever the objective sought (back-up or migration towards another machine) we can take care of the backing-up of the whole of your data (files, documents, photos, contacts, mails, agenda and electronic voice mails, etc.) on the support of your choice (CD, DVD, USB stick or external hard drive) be it at regular intervals, or in a punctual manner.

We will also take care, if need be, of restoring the data to the original computer or any other machine.



Whatever your use of network, business or home, we will take charge of assembling and securing all types of networks (Internet, LAN, etc.).

Our service covers all areas of computer network management.



Practically all IT manufacturers sell devices in a view to fulfill standard needs.

Despite the fact that in most cases available configurations meet all formulated demands from most users, you may nevertheless need very specific requirements in terms of hard disk capacity or graphic performance for instance, without being able to find the specific machine that answers these needs.

That is why we offer you the possibility to choose each individual part of your computer with the help of our professional advice.


Installation support

Problems installing a peripheral or software?
Lost your printer or scanner installation CD?
Your operating system does not recognize your computer-connected peripheral?

We can solve each of your problems!