Supply Chain Management

SMH Concept works with its clients to develop and implement comprehensive strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their Supply Chains. We assist clients to drive value from their supply chains by:

  • Aligning supply chain operations with the business goals and objectives of our clients;
  • Reducing operating costs through the application of advanced planning, product development and manufacturing and distribution optimisation;
  • Enhancing return on assets by improved inventory management practices and effective distribution strategies;
  • Opening up avenues for increasing revenues through improved customer service levels and operational effectiveness;
  • Streamlining and optimising processes, including utilising world class technology and process solutions;
  • Supply Chain Strategy and Business Models.

Customer Service Strategy
SMH Concept’s major supply chain strategy projects typically begin with customer segmentation followed by assessment of service requirements and the capabilities needed to align the business with customer needs and deliver value.

Channel Strategy
Channels and routes to market are commonly the next consideration after determining the customer service strategy. Routes to market are particularly important for FMCG companies.

Supply Chain Operating Model
An operating model specifies how business structures and functions will work together to optimise the overall supply chain. The chosen business model typically drives the functional strategies for manufacturing, inventory, transport and warehousing.

Supply Chain Diagnostic
SMH Concept helps its clients to develop comprehensive diagnostic tools which provide them with a window into their business and allow them to see how their supply chain is performing in comparison to other leading organisations. A diagnostic project documents performance gaps, opportunities, the business case and action plans.

Supply Chain Transformation Program
Performance improvements often need synchronised efforts across several functions requiring a coordinated change program rather than isolated projects. SMH Concept has extensive experience with large-scale transformation programs.